Tyneese Care provides quality and reliable Respite Care for people who still live in their own homes with family carers (or live in carers) that require a much needed break from the loving caring they already provide.

Our Tyneese Respite Care Carers are qualified and certified, highly empathetic individuals who are trained to provide the most individualized healthcare services to members of the geriatric community in the comfort of their own home.

Respite care provides relief for the caregiver. In many families, an elderly person is reliant on the care of his or her family. In some cases, this may be a minor amount of care – such as helping around the home. In other situations, the care is comprehensive involving all levels of personal management. Yet, family members get tired, too. They need a break. Sometimes they need help on a day to day basis. In other cases, they need someone who can provide care for a period of time while they travel or just take some time to themselves. Respite care workers provide this type of support.

Respite workers have the unique ability to help reduce the stress and anxiety that a caregiver has. This may not be all of the time, but it provides an important break for the individual, helping to ensure he or she continues to maintain their mental health. Respite care is flexible. It fits the needs of the individuals involved. That’s important because many family members simply do not know there is help available to them.

Respite care can include as much or as little care as possible. It can be available at various times of the day and as frequently as desired. This type of flexibility helps caregivers to maintain the best level of care for their loved one without sacrificing their own mental health for it.